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The heart of Rocket Launch Studio, Deployment makes managing cloud resources easy.

DevOps for Developers

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Setup cloud resources with a simple drag and drop interface, and then get back to coding.

Deployment makes it easy to create cloud resources in AWS using industry best practices. Launch load balancers, containers, databases, and more. Push-to-deoploy workflows makes upgrading simple.

Secure by Default

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Deployment keeps your cloud resources secure with automatic encryption so you don't even have to think about it.

Rather than spend time figuring out what detailed settings to toggle, Deployment strives to just do the right thing.

Innovative Credential Management

We don't want your AWS credentials to fall into the wrong hands. That's why Deployment was designed so your credentials never leave your device.

Our servers never hold your credentials, ensuring that they stay safe in your posession only.

Flexible Pricing

We want Deployment to work for the smallest companies just starting out, so we made sure our subscriptions won't break your budget.

Deployment groups your server resources into Applications. Each Application can have Instances like "Development" and "Production".

Up to 3 Application Instances Free
Up to 15 Application Instances $30/month
Up to 50 Application Instances $75/month
Unlimited Application Instances $250/month

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Configure AWS resources
AWS keys never leave your device
Switch between multiple AWS accounts
Drag & drop interface
Confirmation before launch
Deploy new code by pushing to git
Load Balancing
Content Distribution
Automatic HTTPS certificate creation
Automatic DNS management
Docker containers
Serverless APIs
SQL Databases
MongoDB Databases
Redis Cache Databases
RabbitMQ Message Queues
S3 File Browser